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Published April 11, 2018

It has been a humble experience for me to write up 3 books: “Lord Jesus, I Want to See (Adult Edition)”, “Lord Jesus, I Want to See (Family/Children Edition)”, & “Living for a Higher Purpose” to give our Christian people and families more resources to use on their faith journey. As we’re facing an ever uncertain-&- violent world, we need more spiritual support. While we are living in a busy and materialistic society, we also have to have some quick and realistic ways to pray and ask God for help. Our children and families need help! We Christians need encouragement and guidance to live up to our Christian lifestyle and continue the mission of salvation that Jesus has left behind for us.

My first 2 books are devotional prayer books. They are designed to keep you and your families close to Jesus daily or weekly as we face a busy modern world and a lot of daily challenges. They are rooted in Scriptures and yet filled with easy daily or weekly activities to help us live up to our Christian virtues. Almost everyone who acquired these 2 books has shared with me how simple, realistic, and uplifting they have been for them. They have become “addicted” to these devotional prayer books. They look forward to pray them daily or weekly. Some elderly former parishioners have flattered me with their friendly notes about the Adult Devotional Prayer Book saying, “… It’s the best prayer book they’ve ever seen.” Several godparents also told me that they would read the Children Devotional Prayer Book with their godchildren every weekend and that experience has strengthened their relationship and helped create a solid foundation for the little ones. I often wonder if our schools, libraries, and other educational places would spend more time doing that with our children, instead of focusing on teaching them about modern gadgets and technology, we might have less senseless shootings and random violence happening all around us. Like a wise person once said, “A few minutes on the knees might do lots of good for a lifetime!

My other book “Living for a Higher Purpose” is actually a memoir to share with you my experience of the Viet Nam War and its aftermath. I also want to tell you my journey from Viet Nam to this country the United States of America as a refugee and all the challenges that an immigrant has to face in the beginning. The memoir also discusses other issues such as life under a communist system, communist prison, pirates, faith, family, friends, cultures, customs, prejudices, church, politics, core curriculum, and much more. Many people who read my memoir has been inspired and encouraged in their own personal and faith life. Kirkus has called it “a Must read book” and given it a very positive review for book enthusiasts.

I hope you will check out all my 3 books. They are perfect gifts for yourself or your loved ones. I have had people who bought them for newly weds, college goers, graduates, homebound, First Communicants, Confirmation candidates, and so on. You will love and treasure these books for years to come. I’m planning to write another book to help people find God in their daily life. Look forward to your continuous support. Thank you for your prayer and kind support. Know that you are in my prayer also. God bless, Fr. Peter Vu