Why Do You Need This Prayer Book “Lord Jesus, I Want to See… (Adult Edition)”?

Published May 13, 2018

We need prayers not just for ourselves but also for others around us. We depend on prayers to guide us and help us make the right decisions or pick the right choices every day. We come to prayers also to find peace and healing for our souls and spirit. Unfortunately, we have a busy daily schedule and follow a fast-pace lifestyle in the modern society. Prayer time is what we do not have a lot. Many of us also do not like to repeat a traditional prayer that might not relate well to us or address our current problems. Furthermore, some of us do not have a good knowledge and understanding of the Bible.

Realizing the need for a Devotional Prayer Book that is rooted in Scriptures and is practical for a modern-day Christian, I have come up with this simple and realistic prayer format to keep us close to God throughout the year. Each day you will have a chosen virtue or topic to reflect on. That virtue or topic will be connected to a Bible passage, a short reflection, and a heart-to-heart prayer with Jesus. Lastly, there will be a resolution or an action for you to work on every day. Some book publishers have shared with me how they like my straight-forward writing style and thought that “this prayer book will become valuable in the next three or five years.” Many people who purchased this Daily Prayer Book have found it to be user-friendly, realistic, and uplifting. The elderly and the homebound have experienced much comfort and life-giving as they pray it each day. Others have seen how insightful and less judging this prayer book is and bought it as a gift for their children going away for college or the newly-wed beginning their new life together.

In case you need an independent review about this unique prayer book, below is the US Review of Books.


Thank you for your kind support of my prayer book. I hope you get a lot out of it each day. If we can’t get a fine role model and good inspiration from our religious and political leaders, perhaps this Daily Prayer Book will keep you close to God, the source of life and hope, and mold your character to be a good Christian and a fine citizen in our world. Don’t forget to pass on the good news about this prayer book to your family and friends.

In Jesus’s love & prayers, Fr. Peter Vu