This “Adult Edition” Prayer Book is Special!

Published May 27, 2018

We need prayer and divine help every day. We search high and low for a great source to help us with that. Well, look no further. If you want a simple and inspiring Daily Prayer Book, you can find it in this wonderful copy “Lord Jesus, I Want to See…” (Adult Edition) written by Reverend Peter G. Vu. Here are some comments from professional Book Reviews and people who have purchased and used Reverend Vu’s Prayer Book.

Prayer book by Catholic priest Peter G. Vu gets good reviews

The author’s second book earns praise based on reviews by book reviewers and Amazon customers.

To help Christian believers find a new practical approach to spirituality, bring new life in their prayer life, and bring new words and structures in their practice of faith, Vietnamese-American clergyman Peter G. Vu published a daily devotional titled Lord Jesus, I Want To SeeAdult Version (Dog Ear Publishing, 2017).

In over 300 pages, Reverend Vu deals with a wide range of issues such as anxiety, discord, love, materialism, tolerance, violence, and wisdom – all of which the readers could relate to in their daily life. The daily devotional comes with an index listing all issues. The author priest presents his daily reflections in four components: issue, reflection, prayer, and resolution.

For each day of the year, he wrote about a certain issue and provided the appropriate Bible verse and short reflection (or homily) to help readers further examine the issue. He then offered a prayer addressing that issue and posed a resolution or call to action to resolve that issue to that day.

For example, on October 13, Reverend Vu writes about how to develop personal integrity and quotes Titus 2:6-8. He then offers advice based on Scripture on how to build and live a life of integrity.

“I have designed a format of praying that is rooted in Holy Scriptures, daily issues, personal experiences, character-building, and practical spiritual exercises,” said Reverend Vu about his purpose of publishing his daily devotional. “The format is designed to be self-reflecting and easy reading, and, I hope, will help each person work on essential qualities while spending some quiet time in the presence of Jesus.”

Lord Jesus, I Want To See earned good reviews from book reviewers and readers alike. Writing for The US Review of Book, Kathleen Heaney, whose review calls the book “creative”, lauds Reverend Vu for addressing both positive and negative issues in his daily devotional.

In her piece for the Pacific Book Review, Ella Vincent finds the book to be “a refreshing change from other ‘prosperity gospel’ texts” and “a moving and emotionally rewarding text” and praises the author priest’s common-sense writing and leadership.

“It focuses on what readers can do to please God instead of how God will give readers material wealth,” said Vincent.

One Goodreads user finds the book perfect for daily devotion for developing and maintaining a personal relationship with God. An Amazon customer calls it a workbook for the mind and spirit. “In this way, the author shows the reader how to become a better Christian by taking one small step each day,” said Amazon customer M. Weldy.

Reverend Peter G. Vu’s Lord Jesus, I Want To See… Adult Version is available at Amazon and Dog Ear Publishing

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