Book Reviews for “Lord Jesus, I Want to See… (Adult Edition)”

Published November 18, 2018

Pacific Book Review:

Lord Jesus, I Want to See…Adult Edition is an insightful and inspirational book by Reverend Vu; a daily devotional book which readers will love. Lord Jesus, I Want to See… is a book which offers an inspirational quote and advice for people seeking spiritual insight. For each day of the year, Vu wrote about a certain theme and Bible verses to help them further examine the theme. For example, on July 2, Vu wrote about how to cope with anger. He quotes Proverbs: “A fool gives vent to one’s anger, but a wise person keeps oneself under control.” Vu then offers advice based on the Bible on how to control anger and strive to live in peace.

Vu’s writing is very relatable and easy for readers to follow. As Vu wrote in the introduction to Lord Jesus, I Want to See…, he wanted to write a book that makes spiritual reflection simple to achieve; as this book accomplishes that goal. Busy readers can take a few minutes out of their day to gain spiritual enlightenment from this excellent text. As Vu noted, the spiritual exercises focus on specific spiritual activities similar to physical exercises that focus on a specific part of the body. Vu’s writing is conversational and personalized. Many readers will feel as if he is writing advice directly to them.

Lord Jesus, I Want to See… is a refreshing change from other “prosperity gospel” texts in that it focuses on what readers can do to please God instead of how God will give readers material wealth. Vu wrote in the daily devotional about how readers can develop their character, have integrity and become kinder to their fellow neighbors.

Lord Jesus, I Want to See… would be best for religious readers looking for a daily devotional which offers Biblical guidance on how to navigate their many emotions. Fans of ministers such as Joyce Meyer and Rick Warren will like Vu’s common sense writing and leadership as well. Readers who are looking for Biblical inspiration that are too busy to study the Bible can get bite-sized lessons from this text. This book would be ideal for churches to pass out to members of congregations or for Bible study groups. Though the book is ostensibly for Christian readers, any reader looking for spiritual encouragement can gain insight from this book.

Lord Jesus, I Want to See… is a moving and emotionally rewarding text. Rev. Vu has written a daily devotional that will help readers navigate today’s troubled times to find peace and spiritual fulfillment.


The US Review of Books: Lord Jesus, I Want to See… (Adult Edition) by Reverend Peter G. Vu (Dog Ear Publishing, LLC)

“Like a blind man, our world does not seem to see what is wrong or know how to deal with its current problems.”

After twenty years of serving at church and ten years of seminary training, the author has created a new form of prayer that is rooted in the Holy Scripture, daily issues, personal experience, character building, self-reflective reading, and practical spiritual exercises. Four components are presented daily: issue, reflection, prayer, and resolution. Each day begins with a different issue, such as anger, anxiety, contradiction, doubt, and wish, followed by a Bible verse reflecting it. The reflection applies the scripture to everyday life. A prayer to God addressing the issue follows. Finally, the resolution is a commitment to apply the issue to that day.

This is a creative prayer book. Applying the Bible verse to everyday life makes it simple for a reader to process the meaning and make a change to his day, similar to how good sermons at church effectively apply the message from Scripture to everyday life. Some of these issues may not be normally thought of everyday such as blindness, complacency, Jesus, and arrogance. Other words presented as issues such as the dove, the ears, and the head may stretch one’s conception of the term. The resolutions clearly give the reader direction for how to positively apply the reflection in one’s life.

The author does a good job of weaving in both positive issues such as sunshine and affirmation, and negative issues such as sin and darkness. This strategy in the book’s structure reflects the successes and the challenges a person experiences throughout the year. A person looking for an easy, engaging, and creative way to apply prayer to everyday life could benefit greatly from this book.

Book reviewed by Kathleen Heaney from the US Review of Books