“Living for a Higher Purpose” Won 2019 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest

Published November 12, 2019

2019 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest

Today we are officially announcing the results of our 2019 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest. Our contest has become one of the largest in the world, with thousands of entries from over a dozen countries, and this was our largest contest ever. Such high numbers created fierce competition and as a result, thousands of wonderful books could not be chosen. In the end a judge’s opinion is still just an opinion. That is why books that do not place in one contest often place in another. We thank you for allowing us to read your book and wish you the best of luck in other contests and in your writing career.

Multiple contest entries
If you have multiple books in the contest you will need to check the Contest page for each one. Please select the title of your book from the Book Title drop-down on the Book Information page, then click the Contest tab.

Contest Prizes
All authors are automatically entered to win one of more than 200 prizes worth a combined total of $50,000 just by entering the Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest. Prizes are generously donated by industry experts who support our contest and our authors. Winners are picked at random; it does not matter how many categories you entered or whether you won an award or not. You can learn more about this in the “BOOK CONTEST BONUS PRIZES” section of our Contest Page.

Congratulations, you won the following prize!
3 Express Reviews package
Readers’ Favorite provides $20,000 of our services as prizes to our contest. If you win a Readers’ Favorite service that you have already purchased, we will provide you with another prize of equal or greater value.
PRIZE DESCRIPTION: You have won a 3 Express Reviews package for any of your books. You can learn more about this service in the “BOOK REVIEW OPTIONS” section of our Book Reviews page. You have a full year to claim this prize and it can be for any of your books, including one you have not finished yet but will finish within a year. When you are ready, just email support@readersfavorite.com and let us know if you want to apply this to a current book in our system or a new one. If you are ready to do this now, we ask that you please email us after September 7th because we will be extremely busy the first week of September. Thank you and congratulations on your prize!

$20,000 in Prizes from Readers’ Favorite
Proofreading Service
“SHOCKED SILENT” by Judith Driscoll

Editing + Proofreading Service
“Blood Ties” by Marjorie Tursak

Editing + Proofreading + Critique Service
“Three Sisters” by Nikki Lewen

2 Week Express Review
“Toby’s Journey” by David March
“A Perfect Book for Frida” by Ron Ramírez
“The Greysons” by Dana L. Brown
“Hidden Gems : Quest for the Great Diamond” by Hagop Kane Boughazian
“Bloodlines” by Mariah Hayes
“Shattered Moon” by Renata Lanzoni
“Beneath The Surface” by B. K. Stubblefield
“Banzai’s Unexpected Voyage” by Jane-Anne Hodgson
“Freedom From Addiction” by Jeremy Walker
“Snapshots” by Cara Cilento
“Colony XO” by Jesse Carr, MD
“The Crown for Castlewood Manor” by Veronica Cline Barton
“True Creature” by Steve Zell
“Your Christmas Elf” by Jodi Stapler
“Little Miss History Travels to the North Pole” by Barbara Ann Mojica
“Biography of an Everyday Couple” by Lorrie Parise
“Peter and the Flying Carpet” by Trish Kasamatsu
“Summer of Two Worlds” by J. Arthur Moore
“Enlightened Hope” by V. K. Walker
“And The Trees Began to Move” by Lisa Olson

3 Express Reviews package
“From Homework Hell to Help!” by Chris Hare
“Following On” by Ray Hobbs
“The Unseen Blossom” by Zlaikha Y. Samad & L’mere Younossi
“The Light of Deaf Women” by Sofia Seitchik
“Take a Hike!” by Brett Fleishman
“I Can Do a Back Float!” by Ashley Mills Monaghan
“Speak Over The Fear” by Dr. Stephanie L. Foster
“Keeper of Slaves” by Dickie Erman
“Listening to Light” by Dr. Ruth Anderson
“Dead Silent” by Ivan Blake
“Why Money Is More Important Than Sex” by Jurgen Schmechel
“My Pulse, His Will” by Jessica Lyngaas
“As the World Winds Flow” by Carroll Blair
“103 Fundraising Ideas For Parent Volunteers With Schools and Teams” by Cathy McGough
“Lillie” by Mya O’Malley
“Living for a Higher Purpose” by Peter Gia Vu
“Never Give Up” by RN, Trenee’ Zweigle
“Corallai” by Michelle Path
“Brave Morris” by Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin
“Boot Language” by Vanya Erickson

5 Express Reviews package
“Fruits and Veggies Row by Row” by Angela Russ-Ayon
“Heartfelt” by M.O. Olashore
“Daniela Domenica and the Guarneri di Gesù” by Angela Brown
“The TRIBAL Case” by Theresa M. Janson
“Moon Faced Witch” by Karen Stone
“Undefiled” by Raykel Tolson
“Players” by Roger Arsht
“Sail To My Heart” by Patty Lesser
“A Scandal in Boohemia” by Gwen Gardner
“Angel Avenger” by Tim Wickenden
“A Family No Matter What” by Sandrine Perradin
“Born Ready” by Kathleen Belt
“A Day In The Woods” by Doyle C. Carver
“The Decades” by Sylvie
“Dirty Science” by Bob Gebelein
“Simon Grey and the March of a Hundred Ghosts” by Charles Kowalski
“His Girl” by Maya Deven
“Origin” by Michael Ebifegha
“Finding Myself in Borneo” by Neill McKee
“It Is All Right Now” by Riki Ella

Roll of high quality, embossed stickers
“Too Good For The Hood” by Michael and Danny D’Agostino
“The Zodiac Trial” by Lane Hawkins
“Lions, Leopards, and Storms, Oh My!” by Heather L. Beal
“Dogs Still Know Best” by Angie Salisbury
“Born Again” by Kathleen Belt
“In the Swim of Things” by Tracie Banister
“Moon Dogg” by Michael Greco
“Chicken Monkey to the Rescue” by Nick Paldino
“The War Comes Home” by John Hansen
“Angela’s Arm” by Roland Allnach
“The Viking Throne” by JB Michaels
“I Saw a Starburst to Flames” by J. R. Lamar
“The Iron Heel” by Bix Santana
“Moon Path” by Steven Greenberg
“The President’s Dossier” by James A. Scott
“Candidates, Cartel, and Chaos” by Sterling Emmal
“Unknown Earth Volume 2” by Frank Wallace
“Frantic Unleashed” by Missy Palrang, Author. Jill McMahon, Contributor.
“From Grief to Acceptance” by Misty Proffitt-Thompson
“Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business” by Joylynn Meleke Ross

One month promotion in our Featured Book rotator
“Moonflower in Autumn Rain” by Ilish Stone
“Buzz” by EA Carrington
“The Enemy of My Enemy” by Richard Caldwell
“Lucky’s Adventure in Winter Wonderland” by Elizabeth Macy
“Disbelief” by J.B. Jamison
“The Legend of Ghost Dog Island” by Rita Monette
“How to Get Rich” by Michele and Christian Finley
“The Greek Fisherman’s Catch” by Patricia Catacalos
“After The Absolute” by Haley Norton
“The Take Back” by Stella Wallace
“Anuk” by Suzanne Mondoux
“Epiphany’s Gift” by Mallory M. O’Connor
“We Are Not The Same” by Shaneequewa Samuels
“Will Little Roo Ever…?” by Chuck Miller
“The Circle: Taken” by Sage Sask
“Noah” by Carol Denise Mitchell
“Balanced Accountability” by Hernani Alves
“The Adventures of the Four Little Monkeys” by Saustin S. K. Mfune
“How to Kill Your Batman” by Kenneth Rogers, Jr
“Heartwood” by Nance Newman
“32 Principles For Recovery” by Rick McNeil
“My Army Ranger” by Bonnie Phelps
“Flux” by M.J. Woods
“9,000 Hours and Counting” by Ibu Alvarado
“The Overleden” by Terence Simmons
“The Red Grouse Tales” by Leslie W P Garland
“Read to Succeed” by Stan Skrabut
“After Kilimanjaro” by Gayle Woodson
“Destiny Reclaimed” by Kathryn Heaney
“Let’s Git Outta Here” by Kate J. Kuligowski